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Want to give your home a refreshing splash of tranquility? Look no further than our home & living collection. From home decor and kitchen & dining products to home office and slippers, the relaxing colors and captivating artwork will bring peace and serenity to all living spaces.

The design of this calming collection is inspired by the view of a waterfall at night, with an array of soft blues and grays that give the illusion of the moonlight shimmering off the water. Subtle hues of purple and orange balance the watery shades, giving depth and warmth to the design. Perfect for creating a soothing atmosphere, the Waterfall at Night pieces will be the centerpiece of your home.

With our collection, you can redecorate your living spaces all at once or choose a few standout pieces. No home decor is complete without a few statement items. For a fun and colorful touch, look for pillow cases and wall art featuring graphic prints of cascading waterfalls and dreamy lunar imagery. The pieces are also great for any home office: desk mats, journals and notebooks with matching design elements to coordinate the color scheme. The kitchen & dining products include tote bags perfect for any occasion, while the slippers are undeniably comfy and designed with a soft fabric to keep your feet cozy and warm.

Add this collection to your space for a unique, calming atmosphere that will be sure to impress. Whether for your home decor, home office, or kitchen & dining, the Waterfall at Night home selection is the perfect way to bring a blissful atmosphere into the most lived-in rooms of your home.


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